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    Fastest Time To Blow Up A Balloon Until It Pops

    Suresh G. blew up a balloon and popped it using his breath in 4.80 seconds.

    Aug 18 SureshGaur 6 comments India
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    Highest Score In "Pink Bear" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 24,473 points in Pink Bear.

    May 02 JosephKenneally Ireland
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    Youngest Person To Visit Every Country In The World

    James Asquith visited all 196 countries in the world at the young age of 24. He was born on December 30, 1988. He started... (more)

    Aug 02 JamesAsquith 9 comments England
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    Longest Time To Balance A Bottle Of Water On Top Of A Soccer Ball On Forehead While Kneeling

    Brian Pankey balanced a water bottle on top of a bowling ball on his forehead for one minute, 6.41 seconds.

    Aug 02 legendary 2 comments United States
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    Highest Flying Push-Up

    Ahmed "Iron Monkey" Kerigo performed a flying push-up using stacks of small benches 1.36 meters high. He is the founder and CEO... (more)

    Mar 22 AhmedValentino 54 comments Norway
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    Most Coal Ore Found In A Single Bunch In "Minecraft"

    Finley K. found 81 units of coal ore in one bunch while playing Minecraft.

    Jan 22 AlinDartmiore Canada
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    Fastest Time To Recite The English Alphabet While Wearing A Toothpaste Mustache

    Mark R. recited the English alphabet in 2.46 seconds while wearing a toothpaste mustache.

    Nov 27 MarkRobb United States
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    Largest 3D "Zombie Crawl" At A Drive-In Theatre

    A total of 55 people dressed as zombies performed a Zombie Crawl at the First Mahoning Valley Drive-In Theatre Zombie Crawl and... (more)

    Sep 27 CinisterCinemas United States
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    Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)

    Matt Guggenbiller completed 283 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

    May 22 MattGuggenbiller 36 comments United States
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    Tallest Toilet Paper Tower

    Kim Lawson built a tower using 20 rolls of toilet paper.

    Mar 07 KimLawson 28 comments Australia
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    Most Kids Hit In The Head Using Two Dictionaries

    Arno Rademaker and his friend Chad hit 10 kids in the head using two dictionaries.

    Feb 20 ArnoRademaker Canada
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    Most Pages In A Line Script Art Biography

    Dr. Venkata Chary Chintapatla made an 80-page Line Script Art[] biography. The style of art, which Chintapatla claims to have... (more)

    Jun 01 VenkataChary India
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    Longest Soccer Ball Throw

    Roald Bradstock threw a soccer ball 82 yards.

    Mar 10 RoaldBradstock 1 comment United States
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    Longest Track Stand

    Niki Yoshiuchi did atrack standthat lasted33.41 seconds. The record was set on August 9, 2008 at the International Yo-Yo... (more)

    Oct 26 Niki United States
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    Most Bunnies Snuggled With In A Hammock

    Nathan Morris, a radio DJ at Nova 93.7 in Perth, Australia, snuggled with 50 bunnies in a hammock at once, a new world record. He... (more)

    Jul 29 NathanBunny 25 comments Australia
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    Most Candy Corns Fit In A Closed Mouth

    SageGuggenheim fit 48 pieces of candy corn in to her mouth at once and closed it, a new world record. Guggenehim set the record... (more)

    Jul 07 SageGuggenheim 8 comments United States
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    Fastest Time For A Robot To Frost A Cupcake

    Bre Pettis of MakerBot Industries built a robot that frosted a cupcake in 52.27 seconds. The intent was for the robot to decorate... (more)

    Jul 07 BrePettis 1 comment United States
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    Most Socks Put On A Left Foot While Listening To 'Beat It'

    Sami Freeman put 44 socks on her left foot while listening to ’Beat It[]’.

    Jul 07 SamiFreeman 1 comment United States
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    Longest Time Spinning Basketball On Pinky Finger While Wearing A 5-Foot Fake Mustache

    Matt Parker spun a basketball on his pinky for 11.14 seconds while wearing a 5-foot fake mustache. He set the record on July 1,... (more)

    Nov 14 MattParker 7 comments United States